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Dream mattress

The Dream mattress is the ideal choice for a restful sleep, combined with excellent materials and high standards. Antibacterial fabric with a wonderful soft feeling and a steel perimeter frame, for lateral support.

Product price, in the smallest dimension, 90X200, starts from:

675 €
540 €
Available upon request
Available at: Showroom Marousi
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High softness Navas knit and antibacterial treatment.
2. Re-cotton Anti-Allergic Dacron.
3. Low hardness foam.
4. Re-cotton Anti-Allergic Dacron.
5. Stabilizing fabric.
6. Ηigh elasticity foam of medium hardness.
7. Ηigh elastic foam for perimeter support. 
8. Air Flow Pocket spring  1.80 mm with 256 pcs / m2 with double  side reinforced system.

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