Upon receipt, the Customer is obliged to check the products to confirm the absence of external, aesthetic defects, and in case they exist is entitled to refuse the receipt of the item and return it after contacting MILANO DE FURNITURE LIGHT SA only with company through MILANO DE FURNITURE LIGHT SA or through the approved distributor of MILANO DE FURNITURE LIGHT SA. MILANO DE FURNITURE LIGHT SA is obliged, at its discretion, to repair or replace such items. In case of unconditional receipt of the item, it is considered that it was delivered in excellent condition without aesthetic defects.

Upon receipt of the products, the following are not considered faults or damages:

  1. Wooden furniture

In wood shades such as rustic oak and walnut forest (see photo), the presence of knots, slits and / or different shades (alternating dark and light on the surfaces) is a feature of these materials and is not considered as fault.

  1. Solid wood - Semisolid wood furniture

In furniture made of solid wood (see photo) there is a possibility that the "water"/shades of the wood differs from each other or there are is a present of more than two colors.

Knots, holes and possible cracks that may occur on the wood are perfectly normal, as we are talking about a completely natural product and they do not constiture failure in construction or a faulty material.

Over time, small differences in size, new cracks or a differentiation in existing craks may occur, as solid wood is a living organism that encapsulates moisture which it gradually eliminates. These are directly correlated with the environmental conditions (room temperature, humidity, sun exposure).

Aged wood

Furniture made of aged wood (see photo) due to their construction from different batches of wood, of various origins, are unique products. Any color differences, "water"/shade irregularities, knots, tears, holes and resin residues are a key feature of the furniture and are not considered a fault.

  1. Marble surfaces

Marble is a natural rock with shades unique to each surface and variety per piece. Any photographic material is considered indicative, as it is influenced by factors such as the lighting of the space and the means of receiving the material.

  1. Crystals

The crystal surfaces should be inspected upon receipt. Upon receipt, the company can not assume further responsibility, as we refer to a material that needs great care and is not accompanied by a guarantee.

  1. Differences between store exhibits and finished products

Milanode Showrooms present furniture collections in special professional lighting conditions and many of the exhibits are exposed for long periods of time in bright natural sunlight. The above conditions affect and often slightly alter the shades of the construction materials of the exhibition furniture. Therefore, both wood furniture in natural wood shades and fabric furniture may have a difference in shade between the shop exhibits and the product of the same material that the customer will finally receive

The feeling of softness of the seat of a sofa may differ from that of the exhibit in case a different fabric from the exhibition furniture has been chosen, as the fabrics vary in elasticity and composition.

1. Product returns

Reason for product return and replacement is:

  • A product other than the one listed in the original order has been delivered due to an error in the process, invoicing, shipping,
  • Defects in the products were caused during transport, when it is done by corporate means of transport of MILANO DE FURNITURE LIGHT SA or an approved distributor of MILANO DE FURNITURE LIGHT SA.
  • In case of transfer through an agency and if the products have been delivered in excellent condition to the agency of the Customer's choice, the responsibility lies with the respective transport agency.
  • In any case where there is a proven material failure or construction error for which MILANO DE FURNITURE LIGHT SA) is responsible or a third party manufacturer (in the case of ready-retail products not manufactured by MILANO DE FURNITURE LIGHT SA).

The cost of transporting MILANO DE FURNITURE LIGHT SA products for return and repair or replacement is entirely borne by the Customer.

The return of products is charged to MILANO DE FURNITURE LIGHT SA, only in cases where other than the sold ones are delivered, by type or quantity or the item has a manufacturing defect or lack of quality which has been previously agreed in written way with MILANO DE FURNITURE LIGHT SA. 

The products must be returned in the condition received by the Customer and at the time agreed in written way. Any delay on the part of the Customer in the return of the products automatically means the loss of the right to replace and accept the products as they are.

In all cases the return of the product to be replaced must be done together with all the documents that accompanied the product and in perfect condition.

In case of return of products and depending on the case will:

  • product is repaired if it can be done
  • complete replacement is performed only in case the product is not repaired
  • the transaction is canceled if this is agreed by MILANO DE FURNITURE LIGHT SA, provided that the products have been previously received and checked by MILANO DE FURNITURE LIGHT SA. In case of cancellation, the refund to the Customer will be made in the same way as it was paid to the accounting department of MILANO DE FURNITURE LIGHT SA. In particular, in case of debiting the Customer's credit card, MILANO DE FURNITURE LIGHT SA will be obliged to inform the issuing Bank of the credit card, for the cancellation of the transaction and the issuing Bank will proceed accordingly and on the basis of the contract it has drawn up with the Customer without any further liability of MILANO DE FURNITURE LIGHT SA. MILANO DE FURNITURE LIGHT SA is not responsible for the time and manner of execution of the rebuttal, which is regulated by the Customer's contract with the issuing Bank. In case of payment in cash (and up to the legal amount of payment in cash), the money will be returned to the Customer from the store where he made the purchase of the product

The return will be made within fourteen (14) working days of both the product and the price.

2. Cancellation of an order by the Customer due to remorse

The cancellation of the order by the Customer due to remorse is accepted only in the ready-made items, as long as the item has not been invoiced yet and is sent for shipment by MILANO DE FURNITURE LIGHT SA.

In all items manufactured by order & in special constructions the cancellation can be accepted only with the consent of MILANO DE FURNITURE LIGHT SA.

In any case in which the Customer refuses to pay or receive the items manufactured to order or special construction items, the deposit is non-refundable.

The cancellation on behalf of the Customer is accepted only in writing, by delivery of a form from the Customer to the store where he made the purchase of the product or by sending an e-mail to MILANO DE FURNITURE LIGHT SA. The Customer must state the exact details of his order.

Cancellation does not occur unless a relevant confirmation is sent by MILANO DE FURNITURE LIGHT SA via email or other natural proven way of communication to the Customer.

In case before the Customer's cancellation statement, the Customer has paid the value of his order and MILANO DE FURNITURE LIGHT SA has already received it, then MILANO DE FURNITURE LIGHT SA is obliged within the period of fourteen (14) calendar days to return to the Customer the value received in the same way that the Customer paid it (by repaying the amount to a bank account, by paying cash, etc.). Otherwise in case an order payment has been given by the Customer but the money has not been collected by MILANO DE FURNITURE LIGHT SA (such as in the case of a credit card debit order but the Bank has not yet paid the price to MILANO DE FURNITURE LIGHT SA), then MILANO DE FURNITURE LIGHT SA is obliged within the period of fourteen (14) working days to expedite any necessary action and declaration to any third party responsible for the obligation to return the amount borne by the Customer. In this case MILANO DE FURNITURE LIGHT SA is considered to have legally fulfilled its obligations, and the withdrawal of any charge will be made based on the terms of the contract that connects the Customer with the third economic entity (Bank etc) and does not carry any liability for the return or reimbursement time of any relevant charges.

3. Unjustified Consumer Withdrawal (article 4 § 10 of Law 2251/1994, in combination with Joint Ministerial Decision (ΚΥΑ) Z1-891 / 2013)

The special right of the consumer for unjustified withdrawal

Especially in case the Customer is a natural person (not a legal entity, even a non-profit legal entity or association) (hereinafter "the Consumer") who buys products from a physical store or the Online Store (e-shop) of MILANO DE FURNITURE LIGHT SA exclusively for private use and not in the context of professional activity, is entitled to withdraw unjustifiably from the distance purchase of a product within an exclusive period of fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of delivery of the physical possession of the product to him or to his authorized representative, returning the product in its original condition and in excellent condition (packaged). For this reason, caution is indicated during unpacking. The Consumer's withdrawal is unjustified, without the Consumer being obliged to cite reasons justifying the withdrawal, as well as without the Consumer being financially burdened, with the exception of the charge for the return costs of the product and any reduction due to the value of the product condition of the products on return.

The declaration of withdrawal is exercised in writing and MILANO DE FURNITURE LIGHT SA is obliged to send a confirmation of receipt of the declaration of withdrawal as soon as it reaches it.

Following the withdrawal statement, MILANO DE FURNITURE LIGHT SA is obliged to return the price received.

The return will be made within fourteen (14) working days of both the product and the price.

It is pointed out that the risk of loss, damage or destruction of the product remains with the Consumer until the receipt of the product by MILANO DE FURNITURE LIGHT SA.

Delivery and / or assembly costs charged at the time of delivery, or costs for third party carriers, hoists, cranes and generally any costs other than the value of the product are non-refundable.

The Consumer is responsible to compensate MILANO DE FURNITURE LIGHT SA if he made use of anything other than that necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and function of the goods until the declaration of withdrawal or MILANO DE FURNITURE LIGHT SA to agree with the Customer its compensation even with mutual compensation.

Exceptions to withdrawal

There is NO withdrawal:

  • In the case of products that have been made specifically for the Consumer, with specific specifications or requirements of the Consumer or in general products personalized for the Consumer
  • In cases where the products have been used, as their use clearly goes beyond the usual examination of the product to determine its nature, characteristics and function, as it would take place in a physical store, making the product used

It is understood that in all the above cases, as in any case, the Consumer retains in full his general right, right to withdraw from the contract of sale and return of the product due to legal or factual defects or lack of agreed properties that he finds upon receipt and its use, in accordance with the general provisions of articles 540 et seq. of the Civil Code, article 5 of law 2251/1994 and the other provisions of protection of the consumer and the buyer in general.