Our strength is our people

Our company's mission is to build loyal relationships of trust with our customers by providing personalised furniture that transforms their space. We are proud of the aesthetics and the quality of our furniture, which is solely due to our specialized staff and its many years of experience.

We are growing and looking for new members for our technical team and our stores

All staff members are necessary links for the smooth operation of our factory and we strive to listen to you and accept you in our team.

If you are interested in working at our facilities at Koropi, Attica, full employment, insurance and great opportunities for development, please contact us at 697-4011-230, daily from 10:00 to 19:00

Job vacancies

  • Furniture Upholsterer (senior / junior)
  • Furniture Polisher (senior / junior)
  • Furniture Grater
  • Furniture Assistant
  • Furniture Maker / Installer

Careers at one of our Showrooms

  • Salesmen / Saleswomen (senior)