The products of Milanode are manufactured through the stricter specifications. The use of chosen materials and newest manufacturing techniques, ensure long lifetime, based on the use of the product.

More specifically products are covered with warranty of good use as follows:

Products manufactured by Milanode

  • 10 years on upholstered furniture frames
  • 7 years on belts and linings
  • 3 years on components, mechanisms and metal parts
  • 3 years on seat and back cushions
  • 2 years on fabrics
  • 2 years on leather, eco leather and artificial leather
  • 5 years on assemblies, finishes, veneered & lacquered wood
  • 2 years on CPL furniture

Imported products

  • 2 years on sofas
  • 2 years on beds
  • 2 years on armchairs
  • 2 years on chairs
  • up to 8 years on mattresses

The guarantee period starts upon purchase and the receipt must be attached in any claim cases.

In claims made within the guarantee period covered by Milanode, the company is responsible to replace or repair the product accordingly.

Any product repair within warranty must be done by our specialized staff. In all other cases, the warranty expires.

The warranty is not valid for possible decay or damage which was caused by:

  • External Factors (sun, humidity, dust, water, change of temperature, etc.)
  • Bad or wrong maintenance of the products (cleaning products that consists of chlorine, acetone, solubles, abrasive detergents, metal sponges, etc.)
  • Bad or wrong use of products. Instructions on proper furniture use and care can be found here.

In case of decay or damage which is not covered by the guarantee of Milanode, the company can get to an agreement with the client in order to repair the product with the lowest possible cost for him.

Costs relating to the use of elevator* or transportation befalls the buyer.

*Any use of a lifting machine, the use of which has been deemed mandatory by the company for the delivery of the products, befalls the customer and relates to an external partner and has nothing to do with Milanode company.