Caos pendant lamp

Caos pendant lamps are an original and simple collection that finds inspiration in the primitive scene of the World. Unique handmade Japanese cord shapes, resulting from a deliberate turmoil that results in a harmonious and beautiful intensity, full of movement.

Available upon request
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Lighting is the key to creating the right mood and adapting the atmosphere of a space. The right choice of lighting contributes to the creation of functional spaces with a complete style.





Caos S
Dimensions: h25cm Ø35cm H150cm
Light Source: 1
Caos M
Dimensions: h35cm Ø35cm H150cm
Light Source: 1
Caos L
Dimensions: h50cm Ø50cm H150cm
Light bulbs: 1

Available shades: White, Gray, Red, Brown, Gold, Light brown, Beige, Green, Blue

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