Moon sofa upholstered in white leather


White, milky color. The first thing that comes to mind is purity and simplicity, or the rigid and hard, is it something relaxing and bland? These and many more, hence the dynamics of this color. It can be all of the above and even more so and it is the most timeless trend in decoration.



Dining table Luigi total white look


Home decoration with white as the absolute element

Total white look… Nowadays, the supporters are more than the opponents! And not unfair. In suitable architecturally designed spaces, the white color in combination with the natural lighting, it is possible to create the ultimate feeling of relaxation and balance. White background allows your furniture to stand out, breathe and stand out in the space.





White walls, white curtains and furniture in white color, a bright white floor and your space if nothing else is aesthetically perfect. It is also the ideal canvas for any addition to the decoration.


Room decoration in a combination of white and other colors


If the absolute white does not satisfy you, you can easily combine it with any other simple or metallic color, creating contrasts. White especially loves black but also cold blue and green. The combination of white with gold also gives great dynamics. It now lies solely in the choices of your choice, what will be the contrast that will star in your space.





It is not just black and white, or gold and white. They are combinations, they are a trend, ideas, they are one step closer to the absolute style of Decoration.


The protagonist this time is white, so whatever else you choose, must come second in both intensity and quantity.