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Milanode Summer Sales with exclusive offers up to -40% in our collection! Visit our showrooms for additional exclusive discounts.

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Discover high aesthetics, feel the excellent quality of materials, experience the unique adventure of personalized design.

Come and visit a modern design studio and embark on the ultimate journey from conception to implementation.

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Do you want a place that stands out? Become the "designer" and let us create the ideal furniture together. Combine ergonomics with the finesse of Italian aesthetics and create a space of unparalleled style. No matter what inspires you, the highly experienced Milanode team will make it a reality.

The latest trends are here. For those of you who dream of a living space with unique style and decoration, the answer is but a few clicks away. Through our many years of collaboration with renowned Italian companies, we have created for you a collection of furniture that is distinguished for its modern elegance and timeless luxury.

Elegant or functional? Minimal or industrial? Modern or timeless? Wood or crystal? When it comes to the style and decoration of a living space, the scenarios are innumerable. Your personal decorator will help you create a modern house that will harmoniously combine high aesthetics with ergonomics.

You have chosen your favorite furniture but you want a complete decorative proposal. With our 3D modeling service, the highly trained designers of Milanode will make your dreams come true. Give color and texture and see your space materialising into something unique, through its 3D illustration.

Milanode has a highly specialized personnel with numerous years of experience who, through continuous research and training, are able to offer you complete furniture proposals, that will fully meet your needs, combining high aesthetics, modern know-how and excellent quality materials.

For any of you in the process of preparing your new house

Are you in the process of furnishing your new house and look for complete solutions? Do you want your house to look like a cover of a home décor magazine? At Milanode you will find the latest trends in the furniture & decoration department!

Design Suggestions
Because luxury can be affordable

You know very well what you are looking for and you just want to organise your living space with unique furniture that are on budget.

Here at Milanode you can find modern, exciting solutions at an affordable cost that do not lack in aesthetics or luxury. Now you can combine quality and design at your own home.

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  • non-standard furniture
  • unparalleled quality
  • unique design
  • aesthetics that will amaze
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Unique Projects in the field of hospitality

Are you looking for the ideal furniture for your Hotel or Airbnb?

  • private policy
  • special prices
  • consistency
  • 3D design pilot proposal
  • special handmade furniture
  • additional bulk orders' discount

Are you an interior designer?

Are you looking for innovative ideas and innovative design? Are you passionately creative? We look forward to collaborating in the amazing space of interior design.

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Are you an architect / architectural firm?

If you are looking for the best possible collaboration to bring your vision into fruition, we can provide you with a multitude of services that will have the maximum degree of customisation, functionality & aesthetics.